Office of the University Registrar

Activation & Registration Form for Visiting (Non-Matriculated) Students

PART I: Activation (or Reactivation) Request

Rowan ID if applicable
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Date of Birth
Email Address This and your Rowan email will be used to communicate with you during the activation & registration process.

Family Name/Last Name
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The questions in this section are optional. No information you provide will be used in a discriminatory manner.

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* If you are interested in taking graduate-level coursework, you will need to provide proof of bachelor's degree by submitting an unofficial transcript from your undergraduate institution. Please email a copy of your proof of bachelor's degree to and, in that email, reference the date you submitted your "Activation & Registration Form".

PART II: Course Registration Request (Optional: Students with a valid Rowan ID # can register for courses online via Student Self-Service.)

You must enter both term and CRN information for registration processing.
Please check Section Tally for CRN(s) (Course Registration Number), program restrictions and/or level restrictions. For detailed information on selecting and registering for courses, please visit

Subject Course title will auto-populate here.



Subject Course title will auto-populate here.

●  I give permission to the Office of the University Registrar to register me for the course(s) listed above - identified by their proper 5-digit CRN(s).
●  I understand that once registered for this course(s), costs will be generated and assigned to my account. It is my responsibility to pay for all charges in full by the payment deadline or immediately after registration has been performed if that date is after the payment deadline for the term in question. (Visit for further details regarding payment.)
●  I understand that any changes to my registration (including drops) must happen within the drop/add period for the course; otherwise, I will be responsible for all the charges incurred.
●  I understand that, per Rowan University policy, failure to attend does not constitute a drop or withdrawal and only a drop within the proper deadlines will provide a refund of charges.(Visit for deadlines.)
●  I understand that non-matriculated students are not eligible for financial aid.
●  I understand that as a non-matriculated undergraduate student I can take no more than 24 credits of undergraduate coursework (no more than 11.5 credits per semester).
●  I understand that I must be a graduate non-matriculated student in order to take graduate-level coursework.
●  I understand that as a non-matriculated graduate student I can take no more than 9 credits (depending upon program) of graduate coursework (no more than 8.5 credits per semester).
●  I understand that registering for a course as a non-matriculated student does not guarantee admission to an academic program.

Check this box as verification of your electronic signature and your permission to proceed with this request.

Contact Office of the University Registrar at 856-256-4360 or email